Outlines of Barguzin landscapes

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Barguzinsky Nature Reserve was one of the main points of my expedition as it had been the first nature reserve established in Russia 100 years ago. There is no highway to the reserve: it is located on the most remote shore of Baikal and can be reached only by helicopter, aboard a boat or over the ice in winter. When I was moving to Kamchatka in 2013, I came to Zabaikalsky National Park on the shores of Baikal in stormy September and had to wait for navigable weather in Monakhovo for about a week in vain.
This year I chose the calmest season – the end of June – for my visit to Monakhovo, but had to wait for the smoke blanketing the landscapes due to forest fires to break. Meanwhile, I joined a team of reserve rangers as a cameraman (I’ll write about it later) and had a great time.

When the smoke over the lake broke a little, the rangers and I sailed northwards and reached the destination point just in time to enjoy the only smokeless evening for the last week: we could see even the other bank which was 50 km away.

But Baikal looks magnificent even in the smoke haze.

Steep cliffs.

Svyatoy Nos (Saint Nose) Cape in the smoke haze.

In the vicinity of the settlement of Davshe – the “capital” of Barguzinsky Nature Reserve.

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